The Mid-South Minority Council TADP, Inc. (TADP) is a 501(c)(3) training and development program established in 2002 by the Mid-South Minority Business Council (MMBC).  The TADP and The MMBC Continuum work together to bring world-class programs and services to MWBEs in the mid-south to promote minority economic development.

Primarily first-generation business owners, minority and women-owned businesses lacked sound business structures, planning strategies, access to financial resources and management practices that promote growth and development.  The programs and services of the TADP are tailored to the unique environment in which minority and women-owned businesses operate.  Additionally, the breadth and depth of TADP programs and services highlight the experience and knowledge needed to advance minority economic development.

 Core Development Programs Include:

  • Quarterly Training Seminars
  • TADP Referral Network
  • Strategic Consulting Services
  • Memphis Business Academy(MBA)
  • Center for Emerging Entrepreneurial Development (CEED)
Economic Development Forum

By All Accounts the 2013 Economic Development Forum was a Success!

Attendees gave the EDF a 4.7 out 5 rating!

2013 EDF Highlight Video
(Speakers, presenters and more!)

SAVE THE DATE for EDF 2014 - August 26-28

2014 Economic Development Forum

August 26-28
Memphis Cook Convention Center
Memphis, TN 38103

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