The MMBC Continuum:
Awarded first US Dept. of Commerce MBDA Business Center in State of Tennessee and in its third year the Center is still growing strong.

The Journey to Economic Inclusion:
The MMBC Continuum is a transitional accelerator that strategically partners with major CEOs and corporations, mayors and municipalities, the U. S. Department of Commerce, other levels of government and regional economic development agencies to support the growth and scalability of minority and women businesses with the outcome of economically improving inner city communities.

The MMBC Continuum plays a critical role by serving as a “comprehensive convener” to impact the growth of scalable minority and women-owned businesses locally, regionally, and nationally.

The MMBC Continuum is considered the foremost economic development organization and is viewed as a valued strategic partner by municipalities, major corporations and community agency organizations fostering diversity and inclusion in the pursuit of M/WBE growth and all of its economic impacts.

2015 Economic Development Forum August 25-27

AUGUST 25-27

Memphis Cook Convention Center
Memphis, TN

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