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About MMBC

Maximizing Business Solutions.  The MMBC is the Mid-South's foremost minority business development organization.

The staff consists of:

  • President and CEO - Luke Yancy, III

  • Director of Corporate Services - Janet Williams

  • Director of MWBE Networking Events - Doris Gordon

  • Director of MWBE Core Development - Yolanda Dillard

  • Director of Member Registration - Erica Powell

  • Strategic Business Advisor & Loan Fund Manager - Dino Hull

  • Director of Communications & Marketing – Natalie Robinson

  • Strategic Business Advisor - Rory Thomas
  • Intake Coordinator - Carmilla Payne
  • Administrative Assistant - Simone Auret


Mailing Address:

Physical Address:

P. O.  Box 3050

Memphis, TN  38173


158 Madison Avenue, Suite 300

Memphis, TN  38103

Phone Numbers:

(901) 525-6512 (Office)

(901) 525-5204 (Fax)




The Mid-South Minority Business Council was established as a part of the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce in 1973.  In 1988, GOALS for Memphis, a think tank of Memphis executives, identified four strategic priorities for the future of Memphis.  Minority economic development was one of those priorities.  This renewed emphasis on minority development spurred resurgence in the Memphis Regional Purchasing Council, and in 1989, it became a self-sufficient free standing organization with an independent Board of Directors comprised of senior executives or member corporations.


Today, the MMBC serves as the Mid-South's foremost minority business development organization and is highly respected by the corporate community as a trusted source of knowledge and expertise.


The rebirth of the MMBC is a direct initiative of corporate, government and minority business leaders in response to a need to develop a strong minority and women business community in an effort to impact economically the entire Mid-South region.



The Mid-South Minority Business Council, Inc. proactively develop a climate of inclusion where business to business relationships and developmental programs foster increased growth and success of minority businesses.


MMBC - The Organization

MMBC is organized to provide more individual customer service to its members.  The Strategic Business Advisors (SBAs) are a key factor in the marketing of MMBC’s value added services.  In addition to the Uniform Certification Agency (UCA) process, which is a best practice model, the Stragetgic Business Advisors have responsibility for a specific “Book of Business” consisting of minority and women business enterprise members from various industries.  Each Advisor is very familiar with the member through the assessment of their businesses and keeps track of the changing global competitive market and industry trends.


Uniform Certification Agency

The Uniform Certification Agency (UCA) was formed in 1994 under the auspices of the Mid-South Minority Business Council.  Sponsoring agencies for UCA include Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority, Tennessee Valley Authority, Memphis Light, Gas and Water, Memphis Area Transit Authority, Memphis City Schools, Shelby County Schools and the City of Memphis.  The UCA was formed to reduce the time and paperwork required for minorities and women to become certified; and to reduce the cost and burden of certification for participating agencies.


Technical Assistance and Developmental Pool

The MMBC has initiated a series of value added services to provide business development tools and techniques to assist our members and take their business to the next level.  These service providers have proven expertise in their focused area, and have also formed strategic alliances with MMBC to provide these services at a reduced and/or shared cost to our members.  MMBC will continually assess new service offerings and providers to ensure that we are providing our members the best, leading edge services and competitive opportunities for development and growth.

Center for Emerging Entrepreneurial Development (C.E.E.D.)
The Center for Emerging Entrepreneurial Development (C.E.E.D.) is a business incubator which opened in March 2007 to address the lack of minority businesses in certain industry segments.  The MMBC, in conjunction with the corporate members of our organization and the Memphis Tomorrow Foundation plan, identified numerous industry segments where there was little or no representation in the form of minority or women owned businesses.  The C.E.E.D. is a corporate adoption program that allows each business owner to learn the ins and outs of their chosen industry by providing contract opportunities for their respective adoptee company.  The corporate adopters also provide feedback and instruction to allow the business owners to hone their skills and receive larger contract awards as they continue to improve their performance.  The overall objective of the C.E.E.D. is to graduate each business owner from the incubator to their own storefront, fully capable of competing on price and performance with the major companies within their industry segments.  The incubator is a three year program that has measurable goals for each company to achieve as well as the overall success of the incubator.


MMBC Working Capital Loan Fund

The Mid-South Minority Business Council (MMBC) has recognized the growth needs of minority-owned businesses and, to this end, has developed programs to assist these firms with growing their businesses.  Consequently, the MMBC Working Capital Loan Fund was started for the purpose of providing access to working capital funds for women and minority owned business enterprises (M/WBE) in construction related industries.


The working capital loan fund will be captive to MMBC members with working capital needs, to fund contracts from MMBC corporate members.  The initial maximum loan amount will be $50,000.  Our principal mission is to grow the revenues of minority and women owned businesses by increasing the volume that member corporations spend with minority suppliers.  By accomplishing this goal we will stimulate capital investment, encourage job creation, and create wealth to advance the economic well-being of the growing minority business sector.


Borrower eligibility under the working capital loan fund is limited to:

  • Ethnic/racial minority business enterprises (or those under a protected group as recognized by the Federal Government), who have been certified by MMBC’s Uniform Certification Agency (UCA), and who have a contract with one of MMBC’s corporate members
  • Borrowers having at least 51% ownership in the business
  • Owners having a strong management team with proven experience in the business


Loan applications, at a minimum must include the following borrower information:

  • A history of the business
  • Purpose for the loan and a source of repayment
  • Financial statements for the most current 3 years
  • Schedule of term debt
  • Aging of accounts receivables and payables
  • Signed personal and corporate income tax returns for the most current 3 years
  • Personal guaranty of the borrower


Terms and conditions of the loans with respect to repayment will depend on the type of loan, use of the proceeds, and the ability of the business to repay.  Therefore, the term of any given loan may not exceed twelve (12) months; however, the loans may be renewed, subject to approval.


MMBC Loan Services

The MMBC Loan Services is designed to be a one-stop shop to satisfy borrower needs that are not covered under the working capital loan fund program.  In these situations MMBC will act as the application intake source and loan originator; then refer the loans to our lending partners who will provide the funding.  Other types of loans and products that are available include:


  • Real estate loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Permanent working capital loans
  • Business Protection Services

              a.       Key man insurance

              b.      Business interruption insurance

              c.       Life Insurance


Unlike the MMBC working capital loan fund, which is designed to benefit our member companies who have a contract with one of our general contractor corporate members, the MMBC Loan Services will be available to all M/WBEs that qualify—both members and non-members.



For further information please contact:

Dino Hull, Loan Manager

(901) 525-6512, Ext. 614